Matrix is almost here!

Western Upstate Multiple Listing Service is pleased to announce that Matrix™ from CoreLogic® will be available shortly. Training classes begin on February 5th!

Maximum speed is central to the Matrix product philosophy. Built for performance from the ground up, the optimized system architecture allows you to search, email, and operate the system as fast as possible. You’ll be able to test drive Matrix this summer and see for yourself how fast the system responds to even the most complex queries.

Speed is not just about loading pages as fast as possible. It’s also about efficient workflow and shortcuts to critical information and common activities. Matrix also includes many easy-to-learn shortcuts make searching faster than you ever dreamed possible.

The Speed Bar allows you to perform Google-like searches in Matrix. From listing records and tax records to agents and search shortcuts, the Speed Bar dramatically reduces the time required to perform searches. Enter any value to immediately search across the entire system and across all table types.

The Matrix Button Bar consolidates all page functionality into one conventional area for you. Perform multiple actions, refine search results, save specific criteria, or group listings into carts—the Matrix button Bar does it all.

The Search History feature in Matrix is a terrific time-saving feature that is perfect for when you are busy serving multiple clients at once. Running a previous search is as simple as a single mouse click. Matrix automatically saves your recent searches—complete with a date/time stamp and the number of results—and displays them in a list conveniently located near the top of each page.

The cart functionality in Matrix offers you greater listing management control and provides a tidy way to work with multiple clients while navigating the multiple listing system. You can drop listings into any client’s cart from virtually anywhere in the program, and then easily view, email, map or print the listings at your convenience.

Stay tuned for more information about Matrix!

Be sure to attend one of the upcoming training classes from February 5th-9th. Click here for the schedule and to register.