Continuing Education

Q: What do I need to take for continuing education for license renewal?

A: The renewal requirements for a salesperson or broker license are 10 hours of approved continuing education every 2 years.  The 10 hours must include the 4-hour “core course” and can include any other combination of elective hours to total 10.  There is only one “core course” and it changes every 2 years.

The renewal requirements for a BIC include 10 hours of approved continuing education every 2 year.  The 10 hours must include the 4-hour “core course” and a 4-hour mandatory  BIC course titled “BIC Duties and Responsibilities.  The remaining 2 hours can be in any approved elective.

Q: What if I don’t take my continuing education?

A: Failure to take the required continuing education means that the license should be renewed as “inactive” until the education requirements are met.  No continuing education is required while the license is under inactive status.  However, while on inactive status, the licensee cannot engage in the practice of real estate.  To work as a real estate licensee and receive funds for that work requires an active license.

Q: Is there a place I can check to see the continuing education I have taken?

A: When you receive a notice of renewal in the Spring from LLR, included in that notice will be instructions on how to renew your license.  Starting with June 30, 2018 renewals, the continuing education course completions have been uploaded to the renewal site by the course provider.  The course provider has 15 days from the time you take your continuing education to post your completion to the site.  When you are ready to renew, the site will not allow you to continue unless the appropriate courses have been uploaded to meet the renewal requirements.  In addition, LLR is working diligently to provide you access to the site so that you can personally check to see what has been uploaded prior to beginning the renewal process.