Watchdog Report – November 15th

Runoff Elections + RPAC

While the general election for many cities in the Western Upstate was last week, some of them aren’t decided yet.  Several of the elections had multiple candidates and, in a few cases, the highest vote getter didn’t reach the threshold to win required by law.  Those races will be decided in a runoff election on Tuesday, November 21.

What you need to know

  • Runoff Elections are Tuesday, November 7
  • Polling Hours: 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
  • You can vote early November 14-16 at the county elections office
  • Don’t know where to vote?  Click here to find your polling place.
  • Don’t know who is on the ballot?  Click here to get your sample ballot. 
  • All races are nonpartisan.

The Western Upstate runoff elections are both in Central.

Central City Council

One seat is on the ballot.

  • Council—Joe Moss, incumbent.  Water/Sewer director at City of Pendleton.
  • Council—Curtis Peek, challenger.  Operations supervisor at UPS.

Central City Council Special Election

Election to fill a vacancy on council.

  • Council—Bryan Schaupp
  • Council—Robert Griffin

In addition, there are runoff elections in Pickens, Liberty, and Easley.  In Pickens, Western Upstate Realtor Allie Winter faces off against two other candidates for two seats on Pickens City Council.  The runoff in Easley is for Mayor.

About RPAC

Your REALTORS® Association has formed a Political Action Committee to support the campaigns of REALTOR® Champions. REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is a partnership between the National Association of REALTORS® and state and local REALTORS® associations. 

RPAC is non-partisan.  We are aware of party affiliations—it’s hard not to be.  But party affiliation is not a consideration.  The primary consideration is a candidate’s understanding of and support for Realtor issues and positions which are strictly that—real estate.

RPAC is important because the plain truth is that it takes money to campaign for office.  For Realtor Champions to be elected, they need financial support.  RPAC allows Realtors to collaborate to support those Realtor Champions.

To decide who receives support from RPAC, a team of Realtors interviews candidates and asks that they complete a questionnaire.  Their recommendations are considered by the board, which makes the final decision.

More than 90% of Realtors in the Western Upstate are registered to vote, which is amazing.  But just 27.5% have supported RPAC.

I hope you will consider supporting RPAC in the future.  It’s easy.  We put a voluntary suggested contribution of $35 on every Realtor’s dues invoice—$100 for brokers.  Pay it and you have supported RPAC.  If you haven’t supported RPAC this year, click here to help your association support REALTOR® Champions for public office.

Michael Dey, Director of Government Affairs

Did you know?

In the Pickens City Council race, Realtor Allie Winter needed just four more votes out of 1,593 cast to avoid a runoff.  Every vote matters.