Watchdog Report – May 20th


You can support RPAC as well.  RPAC is an important part of your Realtors Association’s advocacy program.  It is the way your association works together to support the campaigns of political candidates who understand and support the REALTOR® Advocacy Agenda.  Our agenda has four main parts:

  1. Protect private property rights.
  2. Ensure fair housing opportunities for all.
  3. Advocate for housing affordability and attainability for families in our community.
  4. Maintain a vibrant and open market for real estate.

This week, RPAC presented campaign contributions to several candidates in the June 11 primary elections.  Early voting begins May 28.  Later this week, your Western Upstate Association of REALTORS® will publish a Voter Guide to help our members prepare to vote.  The Voter Guide, and our candidate screening process, are an important way that RPAC serves Realtors.

I encourage you to support RPAC, and we make it easy to do so—we include a voluntary RPAC contribution on your annual dues renewal.  Simply pay it and you have support RPAC.  If you want to do more than that modest amount, or you haven’t supported RPAC yet this year, we make that easy too

Pickens County Short-Term Rental Registration

Pickens County now requires short-term rentals to register with the county.  The county defines a short-term rental as ”any rooms, campground spaces, lodgings, or sleeping accommodations furnished to transients by any hotel, inn, tourist court, tourist camp, motel, campground, residence or any place in which rooms, lodgings, or sleeping accommodations are furnished to transients for a consideration”.

If you own or operate a short-term rental in Pickens County, you can register it online by clicking here

Legislative Update

At this writing, the four bills I wrote about last week, which were passed by the SC General Assembly, are on the Governor’s desk.  Make sure you check next week’s Watchdog for the latest news on the SC REALTOR® Advocacy Agenda.

Michael Dey, Director of Government Affairs