Watchdog Report – June 17, 2024


The primary elections were held last week.  Below are the results.  Some of the elections, notably the race for US Congress, aren’t settled yet. 

Runoff Elections

These are the races that will be in a runoff election:

U.S. House District 3: Sheri Biggs vs. Mark Burns.
SC House District 9: Blake Sanders vs. James Galyean.
Pickens County Council District 5: Chris Bowers vs. Brandon Thomas.
Pickens County Sheriff: Tommy Blankenship vs. Chuck James.

Early voting for the runoffs is June 19-21.  Most early voting sites are open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.  The polls will be open for regular voting on June 25 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.  Find your polling place by clicking here.  

Click here for an updated Realtor Voter Guide. 

All voters in the Western Upstate, who voted in the Republican Primary Election or didn’t vote, should vote in the runoff for one of two Republican candidates for US Congress.  If you voted in the Democratic Primary, you are ineligible to vote in the Republican Runoff.

The Primary Results

SC House District 2: Adam Duncan defeated Rep. Bill Sandifer by 59 votes.  WUAR recommended Sandifer. 
SC House District 3: Phillip Bowers defeated Rep. Jerry Carter 54%-46%.  WUAR recommended Carter. 
SC House District 6: Rep. April Cromer defeated Kyle White 56%-44%.  WUAR recommended White. 
SC House District 7: Lee Gilreath defeated Rep. Jay West 64%-36%.  WUAR recommended West.  
SC House District 8: Rep. Don Chapman defeated Sherry Hodges 56%-44%.  WUAR recommended Chapman. 
SC House District 9: Blake Sanders (42%) and James Galyean (39%) will be in a runoff on June 25.  WUAR recommended Sanders. 
SC House District 10: Rep. Thomas Beach defeated Pam Anthony 67%-33%.  WUAR recommended Beach, who is a Realtor. 
Anderson County Council Dist. 4: Vice Chairman Brett Sanders defeated Dave Shalaby 55%-45%.  WUAR recommended Sanders. 
Anderson County Council Dist. 5: Chairman Tommy Dunn defeated Robert Tony McCurry 51%-49%.  WUAR recommended Dunn. 
Oconee County Council District 2: Chairman Matthew Durham defeated India Lancaster 57%-43%.  WUAR recommended Durham. 
Oconee County Council District 4: Tommy James defeated Councilman Julian Davis 51%-49%.  WUAR recommended Davis. 
Oconee County Council District 5: Councilman Glenn Hart defeated Gwen McPhail 56%-44%.  WUAR recommended Hart. 

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Michael Dey, Director of Government Affairs