Watchdog Report – January 16, 2024


Government can be slow to get started in a new year, but when it comes to real estate issues, it has been anything but slow these first two weeks of 2024.  Below is an update on several issues on which we are working.


Congress is again bumping up against a deadline to approve annual spending plans which were put off from their original deadline of September 30.  There are several reasons why Realtors care, the most important of which are flood insurance and various programs important to the mortgage market.  Congressional leaders have reached another deal to extend the deadline, which they will be voting on this week.

SC General Assembly

An important element of the Realtor agenda is updating the Real Estate Practice Act that governs the licensing and regulation of Realtors.  That legislation was introduced last week.  You can read it here.

Anderson County Road Funding

Anderson County Council approved a referendum of the voters on whether the county should assess an additional penny sales tax to improve roads.  Voters will vote on the question on November 2.

The county also is working on several other ordinances regulating real estate and development including an inspection disclosure statement and a tree ordinance.  Your association is participating in those discussions.

Pickens County Moratorium and UDSO

The moratorium that has been in effect for almost a year was extended again while Pickens County Council continues to work on amendments to the Unified Development Standards Ordinance.  Your association is participating in the development of the ordinance and recently had assistance from a law firm through a grant from SCR.

Impact Fees

Another proposal from Pickens County is a new impact fee.  The planning commission recommended last week that county council enact an impact fee that will average $2,239 for a single-family home, depending on the home’s size.  We have again asked for help from NAR and SCR in reviewing the ordinance.  If you are building a house in Clemson, this impact fee would stack and bring the total impact fees collected in Clemson to almost $12,000.

A Realtor will lead the Oconee County Planning Commission

Realtor Mike Johnson was elected chairman of the Oconee County Planning Commission.  Congratulations, Mike.

Attend Capitol Conference

The SCR Capitol Conference is a great way to find out more about how your association looks out for the interests of Realtors.  It’s also a great way to get involved in your association’s government affairs program.  Consider attending SCR’s Capitol Conference on January 31.  Register by clicking here

Michael Dey, Director of Government Affairs