Watchdog Report – Election Results

Municipal elections were held this week.  Four Western Upstate Association of REALTORS® members were on the ballot yesterday.  This is how they fared:

  • Walhalla: Josh Thomas won
  • Pickens: Allie Winter in a runoff on November 21
  • West Union: Dixie Meeks won
  • Central: Danny Sanders lost

Below are the results of all the elections in the Western Upstate.

Races in Anderson County

Pendleton City Council

  • Ward 2—Barbara Hamberg
  • Ward 4—Jeff Van Drie

Pelzer Town Council

Two At-Large Seats:

  • Eddie Waits
  • Cruz West

West Pelzer Town Council

  • Mayor: James R. Riddle Sr.

Two At-Large Seats:

  • Tom Scarfo
  • Tim Williams

Belton Town Council

  • Mayor—Eleanor Dorn
  • Ward 2—Tony Saville
  • Ward 4—Josh Stephenson
  • Ward 6—John R. “Ricky” Campbell, Jr.

Iva Town Council

  • Mayor—Bobby Gentry
  • Ward 1—Elmer Powell
  • Ward 2—Dwayne Kelley
  • Ward 2—Dallas Botts
  • Ward 4—Paul Hart

Honea Path City Council

  • Mayor—Christopher Burton
  • Ward 2—Sheila Caldwell
  • Ward 4—Marie Jenkins
  • Ward 6—Jim Taylor

Races in Pickens County

Central City Council

Three At-Large Seats:

  • Lynne O’Dell Chapman
  • Curtis Peek

Councilman Joe Moss and Curtis Peek will be in a runoff election on November 21 for the remaining seat.

Central City Council Special Election

Robert Griffin and Bryan Schaupp will be in a runoff election on November 21 for this vacant seat.

Norris Town Council

  • Mayor—Odelle Williams

Two At-Large Seats:

  • Brian Norris
  • Calli Lucas

Six Mile Town Council

  • Mayor—James Atkinson

Two At-Large Seats

  • Mark Beckman
  • Beau Proffitt

Races in Oconee County

Seneca City Council

Four at-large seats:

  • Scott Durham
  • WC Honeycutt, Jr.
  • Denise Rozman
  • Joel Ward

Salem Town Council

  • Mayor—Lynn Towe

Two At-Large Seats

  • Kevin Talley
  • Leigh Roach

Walhalla City Council

  • Mayor—Tim Hall

Three At-Large Seats:

  • Sarai Melendez
  • Josh Holliday
  • Josh Thomas—REALTOR®

Walhalla City Council Special Election

  • Kenny Johns

Westminster City Council

  • Mayor—Brian F. Ramey

Three At-Large Seats

  • Adam Dunn
  • Aurdrey Reese
  • Daby Snipes

West Union City Council

  • Mayor

Two At-Large Seats

  • Dixie Meeks—REALTOR®
  • Lisa Wilson