Watchdog Report – April 15th


Because elections in South Carolina are skewed toward one of the two major political parties, most elections are often settled in the party primaries.  The primaries are on June 11.  It’s not too early to start doing your homework about the candidates.  On the ballot in the Western Upstate will be the following offices:

  • President of the United States
  • US House District 3
  • Solicitor District 10
  • SC House
  • SC Senate
  • County Council
  • Clerk of Court
  • Sheriff
  • Coroner
  • Treasurer
  • Auditor
  • Williamston City Council
  • Clemson City Council

Note that the major party primaries for President were held in January and February.  These are the candidates who will be on the ballot in the fall.  Additional candidates may enter the race through nominating processes for other parties.

  • Joseph R. Biden, Democratic Party
  • Claudia De La Cruz, Workers Party
  • Donald J. Trump, Republican Party
  • Cornel West, United Citizens Party

This week, I’ll cover US House, Solicitor, SC House, and SC Senate.  Next week, I’ll cover the rest.

US Congress District 3

  • Michael Edwin Bedenbaugh, Alliance Party
  • Byron L. Best, Democratic Party
  • Sheri Biggs, Republican Party
  • Kevin Bishop, Republican Party
  • Mark Burns, Republican Party
  • Franky Franco, Republican Party
  • Frances Guldner, Democratic Party
  • Philip Mark Healy, Republican Party
  • SC Rep. Stewart Jones, Republic Party
  • Michael James LaPierre, Republican Party
  • Elspeth Snow Murday, Republican Party

Solicitor, District 10

  • Micah Black, Republican Party
  • Beth Blundy, Republican Party
  • Danny Fulmer, Republican Party

SC Senate

District 1

  • SC Sen. Thomas Alexander, Republican Party

District 3

  • SC Sen. Richard Cash, Republican Party
  • Jessicka Spearman, Democratic Party

District 4

  • SC Sen. Michael Gambrell, Republican Party

SC House

District 1

  • SC Rep. Bill Whitmire, Republican Party

District 2

  • Adam Duncan, Republican Party
  • SC Rep. Bill Sandifer, Republican Party

District 3

  • Phillip Bowers, Republican Party
  • SC Rep. Jerry Carter, Republican Party
  • Eunice Lehmacher, Democratic Party

District 4

  • SC Rep. David R. Hiott, Republican Party

District 6

  • Eric Childs, Democratic Party
  • SC Rep. April Cromer, Republican Party
  • Kyle White, Republican Party

District 7

  • Lee Gilreath, Republican Party
  • Hunter Savirino, Libertarian Party
  • SC Rep. Jay West, Republican Party

District 8

  • SC Rep. Don Chapman, Republican Party
  • Sherry Hodges, Republican Party
  • Jackie Todd, Democratic Party

District 9

  • Rick Bradshaw, Republican Party
  • James Galyean, Republican Party
  • Blake Sanders, Republican Party

District 10

  • Pamela Anthony, Republican Party
  • SC Rep. Thomas Beach, Republican Party

District 11

  • SC Rep. Craig Gagnon

Your Western Upstate Association of REALTORS® is screening the various candidates over the next several weeks.  We will provide you with a Voter Guide in May.

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Michael Dey, Director of Government Affairs