The Supra XpressKey is Retiring

Important Notice!

The Supra XpressKEY is retiring on February 1, 2022

If you have not yet transitioned to the eKey app on your phone, please do so by this time.

The Best time to act is before August when the renewal of your annual XpressKey fee is due!

Take advantage of all the Supra eKEY features

The eKEY app has become the preferred method for keybox access for hundreds of thousands of agents! The eKEY app has been redesigned to have a more modern look and feel that includes a simpler interface and faster access to common tasks. Enjoy all the new features designed to streamline your business — all wrapped in a beautiful new experience.

Get efficient access to powerful information

  • No more carrying around an additional device — your phone is your key
  • Quickly show properties using your phone’s biometric feature or an Apple Watch®
  • Option to enter PIN only once per day to obtain keys
  • Listing information displayed after a keybox has been opened
  • Track your keybox inventory
  • Read your keyboxes to view all activity
  • View your Call-Before-Showing (CBS) keybox codes for affiliate access
  • Easily monitor your showings on your listings in the eKEY app
  • Use the Agent Alert feature to send alert messages via email or text

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