So What Do I Need to Renew my License in 2018?

Effective with June, 2018 renewal, every real estate licensee will need 10 hours of approved courses prior to renewing.

The requirements break down as follows:

Sales and Broker’s License (not BIC)

  • 4 hours core (TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures is the only approved core course)
  • 6 hours elective (any approved course or combination to total a minimum of 6 hours)

BIC License

  • 4 hours core (TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures is the only approved core course)
  • 4 hours mandatory BIC course (BIC Duties and Responsibilities is the only approved course to meet this requirement)
  • 2 hours elective (any approved elective course)

In addition to license renewal, 2018 is the year that every REALTOR® member must have completed at least 2.5 hours of credit in NAR Code of Ethics Training.  This requirement can be met in several ways:

By taking a course titled NAR Ethics 2.5 which also gives 2 hours of continuing education credit (see above renewal requirements)

By taking a continuing education course that has this topic embedded in the course (will state “meets 2.5” on the advertising)

By taking course online at (no continuing education credit/free course)

Be very careful when you take a course that is offered by another provider that is marketed as meeting the NAR 2.5 requirement.  In order to meet this requirement, specific learning objectives must be met by the course.  Just because the word “ethics” is in the title does NOT mean that the course will meet the requirement.  Any outside courses can be reviewed by staff to determine whether the course will suffice, but it is ultimately up to the local association—NOT the course provider—to determine whether a particular course is acceptable.

If you have any questions or concerns, just contact your education staff for clarification.