REALTOR® Party Voter Guide

REALTOR® Party Voter Guide

Who is on the ballot on November 8?

Who is RPAC Supporting?

Election Day is November 8. Are you registered to vote? Great! Did you know that 90% of WUAR members are registered to vote?  Not registered? Register online here.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.

About the REALTOR® Party Voter Guide

Your Government Affairs Team, WUAR Board of Directors, and RPAC Trustees have screened candidates for nearly every office in the state. All candidates are listed and those who have received support from RPAC are highlighted and noted as “recommended.”

Note that your REALTOR® Party generally doesn’t screen races where the seat is uncontested.

Governor and Lt. Governor

  • Henry McMaster/Pamela Evette, Republicans, Incumbents, Recommended
  • Joe Cunningham/Tally Casey, Democrats
  • Bruce Reeves/Jessica Ethridge, Libertarians

Secretary of State

  • Mark Hammond, Republican, Incumbent
  • Rosemounda Peggy Butler, Democrat

State Treasurer

  • Curtis Loftis, Republican, Incumbent
  • Sarah E. Work, Alliance Party

Attorney General

  • Alan Wilson, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended

Comptroller General

  • Richard Eckstrom, Republican, Incumbent

State Superintendent of Education

  • Ellen Weaver, Republican
  • Lisa Ellis, Democrat and Alliance Party
  • Patricia M. Mickel, Green Party

The incumbent superintendent of education, Molly Spearman, did not seek reelection.

Commissioner of Agriculture

  • Hugh Weathers, Republican, Incumbent
  • David Edmond, Green Party
  • Chris Nelums, United Citizens Party

United States Senate

  • Tim Scott, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended
  • Krystal Matthews, Democrat

US House District 3

  • Jeff Duncan, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended

US House District 4

  • William Timmons, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended
  • Michael Chandler, Constitution Party

The lone Democrat who filed for this seat dropped out of the race. Another Democrat, Lee Turner, is running a write-in campaign. You can read about her here.

SC House District 1 (Oconee Co.)

  • Bill Whitmire, Republican, Incumbent

SC House District 2 (Oconee/Pickens Co.)

  • Bill Sandifer, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended

SC House District 3 (Pickens Co.)

  • Jerry Carter, Republican, Incumbent

SC House District 4 (Pickens Co.)

  • Davey Hiott, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended

SC House District 5 (Pickens/Greenville Co.)

  • Neal Collins, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended

SC House District 6 (Anderson Co.)

  • April Cromer, Republican, Recommended

Cromer defeated Rep. Brian White in the primary.  Your REALTOR® Party recommended White in the primary and recommends Cromer in the General Election.

SC House District 7 (Anderson/Greenville/Abbeville Cos.)

  • Jay West, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended
  • Chris Salley, Democrat

SC House District 8 (Anderson Co.)

  • Don Chapman, Republican, Recommended
  • Jackie Todd, Alliance Party
  • Ernest Mackins, Democrat

SC House District 9 (Anderson Co.)

  • Anne Thayer, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended
  • Judith Polson, Democrat

SC House District 10 (Anderson/Greenville/Pickens)

  • Thomas Beach, Republican Recommended

Beach defeated Rep. West Cox in the primary. Your REALTOR® Party recommended Cox in the primary and recommends Beach in the General Election.

SC House District 11 (Abbeville, Anderson, Laurens Cos.)

  • Craig Gagnon, Republican, Incumbent

Pickens County Council District 1 (Clemson)

  • Claiborne Linvill, Democrat
  • Brad White, Republican

Incumbent Robert Feemster did not seek reelection. There has been recent controversy surrounding Brad White that you may want to read about before you vote.  Click here to read about it.

Pickens County Council District 2 (Liberty)

  • Chris Lollis, Republican

Incumbent Trey Whitehurst did not see reelection.

Pickens County Probate Judge

  • David Allison, Republican, Incumbent

Anderson County Council District 1

  • John Wright, Republican, Incumbent

Anderson County Council District 2

  • Glenn Davis, Democrat, Incumbent
  • David Standard, Republican, Recommended

Anderson County Council District 3

  • Greg Elgin, Republican

Elgin defeated incumbent Ray Graham in the primary. 

Anderson County Council District 4

  • Brett Sanders, Republican, Incumbent

Anderson County Council District 5

  • Tommy Dunn, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended

Anderson County Council District 6

  • Jimmy Davis, Republican, Incumbent

Anderson County Council District 7

  • Cindy Wilson, Republican, Incumbent

All seven members of Anderson County Council run for two-year terms. Two had primary opposition but are unopposed in the General Election. Four were unopposed this year.

Anderson County Probate Judge

  • JT Foster, Republican

Judge Martha Newton did not seek reelection.

Anderson County Auditor

  • John Benca, Republican

Auditor Jacky Hunter passed away. Assistant Auditor Dani Caldwell was defeated in the primary by Benca.

Oconee County Council District 1

  • John Elliott, Republican, Incumbent

Oconee County Council District 3

  • Don Mize, Republican

Paul Cain did not seek reelection.  Mize defeated Jeff Bright in the Primary.

About Our Process

Your Association of REALTORS® has formed a Political Action Committee, RPAC, that raises money from our members, screens candidates, and makes contributions to the campaigns of the candidates. The Government Affairs Team and RPAC Trustees screen the candidates and recommends campaign contributions to the Board of Directors and the RPAC Trustees. Their recommendations are based in part on the candidates’ positions on real estate-related issues (party affiliation is not a consideration).

RPAC is organized under Federal Election Laws and South Carolina Ethics Act and managed jointly by the National Association of REALTORS® and South Carolina REALTORS®.