Top Matrix 360 Features

We are pleased to announce that Matrix 360 is now live! Matrix 360 is the latest version of Matrix from CoreLogic that unifies listing data and Realist property data. The result is a property-centric listing platform that gives you a 360-degree view of properties in your market.

Here are the top features of Matrix 360:

  • A tax search is now available within Matrix using the same fields as Realist but in a familiar Matrix-style search form. Search results include data from listings, such as photos, current status, and any discrepancies in core fields.
  • A Realist-style full tax display is available right from the Matrix search results—whether you’ve run a listing search or a tax search.
  • The complete property display includes listing data, tax/assessment data, transaction/document history, schools, flood data, and more. You get to choose which content to print.
  • You can “walk the block” to see the whole neighborhood. The map displays summary tax and listing information for each parcel (where available) with links to full reports.
  • The interactive map lets your zoom and pan, switch between street and satellite views, enable layers, and click on parcels to view neighboring property information—right from the full property display.
  • Comprehensive map overlays include flood, highlighted parcel, lot dimensions, points of interest, and more.
  • The combined history shows all listing activity for the property, as well as sale, mortgage, and foreclosure history from public records.

Click here to watch the Matrix 360 overview.