Frequently Asked Questions from the SC Real Estate Commission

Frequently asked questions from real estate licensees to the SC Real Estate Commission:

How do I transfer, inactivate and reactivate my license?

There are forms which allow you to perform most of these functions on the Commission’s website.

  • Inactive Status/Disassociation of licensees: A licensee can request to be placed on “inactive status” by completing document #200.
  • A Broker in Charge or Property Manager in charge may request the removal of associated licensees with a signed letter identifying themselves and the licensees they wish to disassociate, or an email from their email address of record with the Commission.
  • Transfers: Transfers from one company office to another can be done online through online services or with document #200, which can be mailed or emailed. A licensee currently on inactive status cannot transfer and must instead fill out a request for license reactivation form #210.
  • Reactivations: This form is document #210. It must be signed by the Broker or Property Manager in Charge and mailed to the Commission with a $10 reactivation fee. You also must include copies of recent continuing education certificates, if required.

How do I change contact information?

  • Personal Name or Contact Information Changes: Document #190 is the personal name or address change form. The form must be completed and submitted with a $10 fee and legal documentation of the name change.

    You must be licensed in your legal, government name.

    Other contact information changes require completion of the form with no fee. This form can be mailed or emailed (if not a legal name change) to the Commission.

  • Office/Company Office Name Address Changes: This is accomplished by completing document #180. It must be completed and signed by the Broker in Charge or the Property Manager in Charge. It also must be submitted with a check or money order. The fee for this action is $10 per associated licensee with a maximum fee of $250 per office.

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