Continuing Education

Transaction Brokerage Basics

October, 23rd, 2019

Transaction brokerage is a new opportunity under License Law 2017 to perform real estate activities with customers as opposed to clients. It is customer service with a twist and requires mandatory disclosure of services to be offered. A review of LLR’s TB Form Template as well as SCR’s TB agreements is undertaken as well. Attendees should bring laptop or phone.

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3 P’s of Professionalism

October, 31st, 2019

This is the mandatory core course for the 2018-2020 renewal period that all licensees, with few exceptions, must take prior to 2019 or 2020 renewal. It covers the principles of contracts, practices required by license law, and common pitfalls of both commercial and residential transactions. Taught in a highly interactive format, the course covers a variety of topics ranging from forms to teams.

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Whose $$$ Is It Anyway

November, 13th, 2019

This course covers the basic concepts of procuring cause in a real-life interactive fashion. Often the basis for mediation and arbitration request brought before the Professional Standards Committee, procuring cause factors will vary on a case-by-case basis. There are no pre-determiners, and each situation must be viewed on its own merit. Learn the issues that can “break the chain of events” and cause the loss of income. Also included is a brief overview of the arbitration process and a summary of the advantages of mediation.

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