June 10th – Virtual Continuing Education Elective Class

Disclosure of Brokerage Relationships

June 10, 2020

Have you ever thought to yourself:  I just wish I had a standardized presentation to be able to explain brokerage relationships to consumers in language they can understand?  Well this is your time to shine!

This new course for 2020 covers the basics of disclosure required by the law and focuses on gaining informed consent for the type of service the consumer chooses.  A huge section of the class is on the new non-agency relationships option of transaction brokerage and how to explain that to consumers as well.

Finally, the class ends with the creation of scripts and language that will allow you to establish a standardized presentation designed to explain consumer choices, benefits, and options of either an agency or non-agency relationship.

Enroll today for this timely course and make your real estate life  run smoother as a result.

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