In Person: Property Disclosure in Real Estate Transactions

Class Date(s): June, 20th, 2024 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Credit Hours: 4 Hours CE Elective
Course #: CEE 3326
Instructor: Dianna Brouthers
Price: $50.00
Location: 600 McGee Road Anderson, SC 29625 United States

Class Description:

Failure to property disclose material adverse facts regarding a property or the transaction is the number one way to get hauled into court when consumers file a lawsuit. Over 2/3 of the lawsuits filed against real estate professionals has this as their basis. This course is designed to reduce that risk.

Focusing on both real estate license law and the residential property condition disclosure law, you will gain the knowledge of what is considered material and required to be disclosed, how to advise the owner of the requirement of completing the property disclosure form, and how to reduce your risk through adequate and complete disclosure.

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